You Can End Homelessness With Us

53,000+ people experience homelessness in Los Angeles County.

32,000 of those people are in the City of LA.

16,000 people found a permanent home last year! And the number of people who were homeless on Skid Row dropped by 7%!  

Ending Homelessness Doesn't Have to be Overwhelming. While these numbers can be overwhelming, it also shows that when we - as a community - invest in resources our unhoused neighbors, we can end homelessness for people. But, we need to keep the momentum going with your help.

While many of you have volunteered with us or other organizations, and we appreciate the heart you bring to the cause and impact you make on-site, we still need financial support to ensure we can provide the services and programs that directly address mental, physical, and emotional barriers for our residents. These critical programs are the key to helping people stay housed and to helping residents BREAK THE CYCLE OF HOMELESSNESS FOR GOOD.

For nearly thirty years Skid Row Housing Trust has been committed to helping people improve their well-being and finding their forever home. With homelessness in a stage of crisis we need to pick up the pace to meet the demands of our neighbors on the street. And that's where you come in.

The Trust has 26 buildings in LA County, with 3 more in the pipeline in Skid Row, and 2 in Long Beach. We currently have more than 2,000 people who call a Trust community their home, and have more than 20 on-site programs. Nearly 300 new residents move off the streets and into our communities every year.

Affordable permanent supportive housing is a solution to homelessness that is proven to work. And with your help, we can keep people off the streets and reconnect them with family, improve their overall well-being, link residents to workforce development and make sure they never have to return to homelessness again.

THANK YOU for taking action and for joining us on our mission to end homelessness for good.

~Your friends at Skid Row Housing Trust


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